DLDQ2018 trip report: I can’t believe I actually did it

TL;DR: I did every single attraction listed on the map at Disneyland in 13 hours 27 minutes. I wrote two weeks ago about my plan to speedrun Disneyland. It ended up getting much more attention than I could have anticipated, with hundreds of retweets and an interview with USgamer. While the attention was jarring, it […]

the dumbest idea i’ve ever had: speedrunning disneyland

Last night, I was joking with my fiancée about the concept of a Disneyland 100% speedrun. Specifically, debating what constitutes 100%. We decided on everything that’s listed in the attractions and entertainment pages on disneyland.com. Turns out, that’s a lot of things. And I’m going to attempt to do all of them in one day.

EPCOT Center pre-opening hype book (c. early 1982)

Good morning! I received a copy of an EPCOT Center pre-opening hype book from my sister for Hanukkah this year. She has a comically large amount of Disney parks memorabilia due to her fiancé’s family, which I’ll be archiving more of over the next few months. I’ll post another update once I have a better […]